Meet Anita.

Anita has been helping people and practicing law in Oklahoma City for over 30 years. She specializes in divorce, paternity, child custody, child support (enforcement and/or change), and visitation issues. She also specializes in personal injury, criminal matters, mediation, and other issues by case. Additionally, Anita can refer you to expert attorneys in more specific fields, if needed.

Wrongful Prison Injury or Death

Wrongful injuries and deaths in our prisons have become a severe problem around the nation and in Oklahoma. Whether it is someone not getting the care they need while incarcerated, or someone losing their life because of negligence, Anita can help.

If you have been hurt, refused necessary medical treatment, or suffered unjustly while incarcerated, or if you know someone who has undergone this treatment or even lost their life in prison, contact Anita today at 405-232-2525. Not only can she help towards possible compensation for unjust treatment, but she can also help you find the justice you deserve.

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